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Emma Cifuentes del Corro


The CV that I present here is very extensive and I am aware of that. It is for those people who are interested in all my professional life and my training, in order to get a grip on everything that I am today so you can better understand those words referred to above:

"Really eager, and after much effort and hard work, My Voice began to be heard (...). As a result of my experience, my way of working, good disposition, energy, joy and enthusiasm in everything I do, companies and brands increasingly rely on my work."




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Since I have done plenty of work since 2005, and more continuously since 2008, it’s best to visit here for more information:

Soon you will find a reference to all my voice over work on the above link.



Since I have done plenty of work since 2005, and more continuously since 2008, it’s best to visit here for more information:

Soon you will find a reference to all my voice over work on the above link.

I am the official voice over for Divinity Channel from it’s beginning in 2011, till March 2015; and from February 2016 till nowadays. My voice is still on air and I continue to collaborate promoting products from March 2015 on the same channel as well as others.



2014/16: Voice over, Announcer for E-Learning course contents. Company: Tagliatella.


2014/15: Voice over, Announcer for E-Learning course contents. Chemical products, First Aid, Pregnancy and Breast Feeding, Traffic Safety, Prevention of Voice Pathologies, Customer Service Work. Company: Grupo Norte.


2014/15: Voice over, Announcer for E-Learning course contents. WMware. Company: Moravia.


2014-16: Voice over: E-Learning Courses, App, Stories and Spots. Various Clients (see their web). Company: Raccoon.


2010/15: Voice over, Content Announcer and Dubbing Actress for E-Learning course contents. Various clients for online courses and Casting – Loewe. Company: Divermusic / Pas Eventos y Producciones / Do It Producciones.


2012: Announcer for online course for Autoreisen. Company: Tecnison.



You can visit:


2015: “Battleborn”. Director: Isabel Martínez  (Synthesis). Characters: Base Voice (Main Voice).


2014: “Shadows of Mordor - The Lord of the Rings”. Director: Juanjo López (Pink Noise). Characters: Ioreth / Child / Old Woman.


2014: “Shadows of Mordor - The Lord of the Rings´ Trailer”. Director: Juanjo López (Pink Noise). Character: Ioreth.


2014: “Evolve”. (Synthesis). Characters: Lieutenant Ebonstar / Colonist Female / Colony Technithian Soldier.


2014: “BioShock III Infinite”. Director: Emilio Gallardo (Synthesis). Character: Isabel.


2013/14: “Assasins Creed IV: Black Flag and Aveline”.Director: Emilio Gallardo (Synthesis). Characters: Part2: Patience Gibbs / Female British Citizen / Slave Female. Part4: British Courtesan 2 / African Woman / Upper Class French Woman.


2013/14: “Call of Duty 10: Ghosts”. Director: Emilio Gallardo (Synthesis). Characters: Female Soldier / Old Lady.


2013/14: “Watch's Dog”. Director: Emilio Gallardo (Synthesis). Characters: Part1: Herender Wards Female. Part2: Civilian Convo Female. Part3-5: Civilian Convo Wards Female. Full Story: Poppy / Civilian Convo Female.


2013: “BioShock Infinite”. Director: Emilio Gallardo (Synthesis). Character: Splicer Female.


2013: “Bob Sponge”. Director: Emilio Gallardo (Synthesis). Character: Karen (voice over computer).


2012/13: “Lost Planet 3”. Directors: César Capilla and Jaime Roca (Gamelock). Characters: Díaz / Litke / Morelli / Operations / Pitney / Sara Braddock / SP Announcer.


2012: “Assasins Creed III: Liberation”. Director: Emilio Gallardo (Synthesis). Characters: Thérèse / Female Poor French / Leader grupo 5.


2012: “Project Fringer de Starwars”. (Synthesis). Characters: Baby/Various.


2010/11: “Universe DC y U.DC Final”. (On-line) –Play Station. Director: Miguel Ángel Garzón (Tecnison). Characters: Bad Amazon / Dispatch / Altheam Femme.



2015: Documentary Voice Over “Los Enigmas de Jesucristo”. Characters Eps. 4 and 6: María Magdalena / Niño / Various. Director: Alfredo Martínez. Channel: Discovery MAX.


2013: Documentary Voice Over “Guerra de Cupcakes - Cupcakes Wars” Characters: Ep.45 Aylin / Ep. 49 Kait / Ep. 60 Lilly / Ep.73 Various / Ep.76,79,81 Nicole / Ep.83 Various / Ep.86 Hija / Ep.89 Jillian / Ep.103 Taryn / Ep.107 Jennifer / Ep.113 Shatan. Directors: Blanca Rada and Sergio Goicoechea.


2013: Documentary Voice Over “My House, Your Money” Ep.7/13/39/47/51/57. Director: Sergio Goicoechea.


2013: Documentary Voice Over “Glamour Belles” Ep.1/2/5/6.


2011/12: Documentary Voice Over. Almost all documentaries and episodes recorded with Tecnison for different directors (Pablo Calvo, Sergio Goicoechea, Ana Plaza, Fernando Castro, José Luis Angulo) and for various channels: 


Open House (Voz Narradora) / La vida secreta de los Elefantes (Voz Narradora) / Cops / Extraordinary Animals / Ana y Cristina Beauty Call / De fiesta con Dina / Cake Boss "El rey de las Tartas" / El Gran AL de la Ciencia / Carreteras Peligrosas / Negocios de Familia (Family Business-Voz Principal del Niño y mujeres) / Extreme Animals / Great Expectations / How we invented the world / Bienenido Mr Ian Wright / Ice quiere a Coco / Los Peores Desastres del Mundo / Big Cat Diaries "Diario de los grandes felinos" / Titus: The Gorila King / Los Profetas / Louis Theroux  / Maravillas del Universo / Documental-Promo Serie Misfits / Operación Repo / Órbita: El extraordinario viaje de la Tierra / Deadly Vipers / Pilot Guides / Pregnant in Heels / El rey Orangután / Wonders of the Solar System / Tribus / Planeta Tierra: El futuro / Y el Mundo Cambió.

2010: Documentary Voice Over “Un bebé cada minuto” (8 Ep.) Characters: Kay / Various. Director: José María Rueda Barrabino. 103 Todd. Channel: NOVA.


2010: Documentary Voice Over “The best job in the world”– Director: José María. Sonomadrid/Sonoblock.


2010: Documentary Voice Over Star Watch: “Jodie Foster/Nicole Kidman/Jennifer López/Drew Barrimore/Meryl Streep/Wyneth Paltrow/Cameron Díaz/Richard Gere/Ben Aflleck/Tom Cruise/George Clooneyn Stiller/Mathew Mcconaughey” – Director: José Luis Angulo. Tecnison. Channel: Cosmopolitan.


2010: Documentary Voice Over “La guía de la ciudad de Los Ángeles”– Director: Pablo Calvo. Tecnison. 


2010: Documentary Voice Over “StyleSpecial: Glamour’s 25 Do’s and Don’t’s (Las 25 claves del Glamour)” – Director: Ana Plaza. Tecnison. 


2010: Documentary Voice Over “Crepúsculo en Forks” Ep.20 al 38 – Director: Pablo Calvo. Tecnison.


2010: Documentary Voice Over “Get me out of here, I´m a celebrity” Ep.20 al 38 – Director: Pablo Calvo. Tecnison. Channel 7-TELE5.


2009:  News Feature Voice Over 70” “Después de la Noticia” – Producer: PULSO – A3TV.


2009: Documentary Voice Over “El Cirujano: Historia de un milagro” – Producer PULSO - CUATRO. (minuto 4:22)


2009: Documentary Voice Over “Little People”. Director: Miguel Ángel Varela (Tecnison). Characters: Boy / Various.


2008: Documentary Voice Over “Tapologo” – Channel TVE2. Director: Alfonso Laguna. Characters: Keri Leng, Hilda and Nurse. Documentary for “Documentos TV” (December 2008). Estación Central - Uhuru Productions at AM Studios. Won public prize at Tri-Continental for the best South African film and award for best documentary at the Miradasdoc festival. Viewed at numerous international festivals.


2008: Documentary Voice Over “Infinity Express”. Director: Alfonso Laguna. Character: Joana. Documentary for San Sebastian Planetarium. KUTXA - Caja de Ahorros y Monte de Piedad de Gipúzcoa y San Sebastián.


2006: Documentary Voice Over “Darfur: Pruebas del Genocidio”. Directors: Julio Alonso and Iván Durán. Channel Odisea. Multicanal. Madrid.


2006: Documentary Voice Over “Colonias de Verano”. Institución Libre de Enseñanza. Madrid. 



2013-14: Voice Over App “Oscuro y Dorothea”. Characters: Oscuro (Cat) / Dorotea / Voice for challenge activities. Smile and Learn.


2013-14: Voice Over App “La Vuelta a Casa”. Characters: Alex (boy) / Alex mother / Aini / Alegría Teacher  / Mrs. Elvira (anciana) / Voice for challenge activities. Smile and Learn.


2013-14: Voice Over App “La Tribu de los Cosmopolitas”. Characters: Boy / Voice for challenge activities. Smile and Learn.

I was also in charge of the direction, recording and edition of the three apps, in the following languages,  for both male and female voices: English, French, Catalan.


2013: English Voice Over and Parrot Voices/Sounds - Augmented Reality. Manada Live/4Appes.


2010: “Los Buscadores”. Stop Motion animated series project for cell phones and internet. Characters: Furia, mother, boss, Tania. Director and Creator: Eduardo Vicu Sainz de Vicuña Lapetra. Company: IMPALA.



2015: “El Desconocido”- Vacafilms. Director: César Díaz Capilla. Dubbing and Voice Over: Journalist / Child / Various.


2014/15: “Un Tesoro Diferente”- First cast. Microteatros por Dinero and at Café Teatro Serendipia. Voice Over: Luna.


2014: “El Club de los Incomprendidos” – Bambú Producciones. Voice Over: Train Station Announcer.


2013/14: “LQSA – La Que Se Avecina”. At the sound stage: LQSA and at La Bocina. Ep.86 Voice Over Telephone / Ep.87 Voice Over Airport Announcer (in English and Spanish) with foreign accent / Ep. 88 Voice Over Prerecorded Airport Machine  / Ep. 93 Voice Over News Announcer / Voice Over TV Presenter / Ep. 98 Voice Over Telephone Operator


2010:  “La Herencia Valdemar II: La Sombra Prohibida” – La Cruzada Entretainment. Director: Luis Fdo. Ríos. Dubbing and Voice Over: Journalist / Various.


2010 “Alakrana” – TV Movie A3TV. Director: Luis Fdo. Ríos. Voice Over: Answering Machine / Family Phone Conversation.



2013 Hand Model actress for E-Learning Video. How to use a tablet app. Company: Raccoon.


2011: Image Actress for E-Learning Video. Modules Caesarstone, Granite, Marble and Best Installation Examples. Company:  Levantina / Divermusic.


2010: Poetry Reading and Presentation. Event: Miguel Hernández. Majadahonda Town Council.


2008/10: Storyteller and Free Time and Birthday Monitor. Company:  Planesports. Madrid.


2008: Storyteller Actress. Scenes: “¿Y tú quién eres?” and “Sangre de bufón”. Espacio Cero with Juan Expósito. Madrid.


2008: Theater Actress. Scenes “De qué me suenas” and “La Boda”. Juan Expósito. Madrid.


2008: Script Writer and Director: “Un cambio inesperado”. Juan Expósito. Madrid.


2006/07: Theater Actress in “La Ratonera” by Agatha Christie. Role: Mrs. Mollie Ralston (Main Character). Colegio Menesiano Theater Group. Madrid.


2005/06: Theater Actress in “El Avaro” by Mollière. Played at C.A.M. Role: Mariana (Secondary Actress). Encuentros Theater Group. Majadahonda, Madrid.


2005: Shorts Actress in “Decisión correcta” (Main Character). CICE. Escuela Profesional de Nuevas Tecnologías. Madrid.


1985: Model for cover and inside pages for Issue 6. PRIMITA magazine. Editor: SARPE. Madrid



2001 to present: Stand Manager, PR and HR. Company: Jai Internacional for Ayala Bar Design (Iberjoya Fair – January and September). Madrid.


2008/13: Teacher – Economy and Math (ESO and Bachillerato). Company: Enclase. Las Rozas, Madrid.


2008/13: Translator and PR. AADI Silver & Gold Import . (Iberjoya Fair – January and September). Madrid.


2008/13: Monitor – Free time and birthdays. Storyteller. Administration and Sales. Company: Planesports.


2008: Hostess. Company: Grupo A Field Marketing Iberia, S.L. Madrid.


2008: Party Hostess. Company: Metka. Madrid.


2008: Substitute primary teacher. Colegio Arcangel. Madrid.


2005/07: Secondary and Bachiller teacher – Social Sciences. Colegio Menesiano. Madrid.


2004/13: Private teacher - Geography 2nd year Bachillerato (Selectividad), English (Medium-High Level). Reinforcement from 6th year Primary School to 1st year Bachillerato, mainly Physics and Chemistry, Math and Language.


2004/06: Teacher – Geography Bachillerato. Academia Optimus. Majadahonda, Madrid.


2004: Geographical information systems. Tragsatec. Grupo Tragsa. Madrid (March to September).


2004/08: PR. Company: Resmont (Feria Moda and Iberpiel). Madrid.


2003/04: Account executive. Radio Intereconomía. Madrid (October to February)


2003: Spanish teacher. Freelance. Denmark. (January to June).


2003: Assitant – Information Department. Roskilde University. Denmark. (January to March).


2002: Store Clerk. Sphera, El Corte Inglés. Majadahonda, Madrid. (Summer sales).


2002: Hostess. CAPS, S.L. Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Box Seats. Madrid. (February to April)


2001-02: Hostess. PR Department. Antena 3TV. Madrid.


2001: Journalist and Sports Search Engine., LDT. Madrid. (March to October).


1999/00: Store Clerk. Mexx, Better World Project, S.L. Madrid. (November to January).


1998/99: Employee. Moncopia (Reprographic Industry). Madrid. (June and July).


1997: Hostess for Company Professional Fair. FAIX (Recycling Industry) Majadahonda, Madrid. (May).



SPANISH:   Native.


ENGLISH:    Medium-High Level.


Studied in Various Academies: Spain, Ecuador, Barcelona, Ireland y Denmark. Erasmus Scholarship Developed in English, also written in English two Research Projects.


CATALAN:     Elemental.

Studied in Barcelona ("Las Teresianas de Ganduxer" School).


FRENCH:     Elemental.

Studied in Barcelona ("Las Teresianas de Ganduxer" School).


DANÉS:     Elemental.

Studied in Denmark ("Roskilde Universitetscenter").








PROTOOLS (10/9/8 LE)



(I designed and created my own web)


Videos and Audio Editing with different editing programs


CRM5 for sales person Radio Intereconomía


HTML, ilustración y diseño (Adobe Photoshop e Illustrator y Paint) by working on



SIG: Geographic Information System. ARCVIEW.


MAC and WINDOWS systems


Office IT


Spread sheets and word processor



Driver’s license and own car



  • Ecuador (2 years / 1989-91)

  • Barcelona (2 years / 1991-1993)

  • Denmark (1 year / 2002-03)

Voluntary service:

  • Desarrollo Justo (from 2009 to present)

  • Kindergarten for people with few resources (2007)

  • Helping in social kitchens (2007)

  • Roskilde Music Festival, Denmark (June 2003)

  • Spread sheets and word processors teacher for immigrants, Sta. María Church, Majadahonda, Madrid (2001)



  • Writing

  • Theater

  • Sports (walking, biking, pádel, swimming, skating)

  • Technology

  • Reading

  • Languages

  • Meeting people

  • Music

  • Study

  • Travel

  • Craftwork





2014/15: Private Classes – Advanced Dubbing Class with Antonio Villar and Alejandro Martínez, Madrid.


2014: Master Class – Advanced class for dubbing professionals at Soundub with Juan Arroyo, Antonio Villar, Begoña Hernado and Luis Fdo. Ríos, Madrid.


2014: Advanced class for dubbing professionals with Lucía Esteban, Madrid.


2013/14: Private classes for improving speech therapy and announcing with Marta Pinillos, Madrid.


2011/13: Private classes for improving dubbing with Lucía Esteban, Madrid.


2011: Practical class in speech therapy and announcing with Marta Pinillos, Madrid.


2009/10: Advanced dubbing class with Virginia Carrera, Madrid.


2010: Intensive course for announcers with Carlos Infante, Madrid. (16 hours).


2009: Intensive course to improve dubbing with Ana Isabel Herrando, Madrid.


2008/09: Advanced dubbing and announcing course with Claudio Rodríguez and Alfonso Laguna. AM Estudios, Madrid.


2008/09: Theater workshop with Juan Expósito, Christian Märtens and Oscar Olmeda. Espacio Cero, Madrid.


2008: Theater-Dance seminar with Pau Torres. Espacio Cero, Madrid. (15 hours).


2008: Storytelling seminar with Juan Expósito. Espacio Cero, Madrid. (12 hours).


2008: Scriptwriting, Directing and Acting course with Juan Expósito. Espacio Cero, Madrid. (1 month). 


2007/09: Speech therapy classes. Vocalization, locution, documentary and interpretive reading, with Marta Pinillos and Centro Logopedia Seg. Social.


2007/08: Acting course with Carola Manzanares. William Layton Laboratory, Madrid. (1 year).


2007: Voice over and acting techniques, with Laura Arias. CEV, Madrid. (6 months).


2006:  Voice over and acting techniques. Taught by, and in the studio of, Salvador Arias.


2005/06: Singing classes. Private teacher and singer Robert Jeantal.


2005/06: Dubbing techiniques course. P.C. TAURO’S school.


2005: Experimental Radio Laboratory by Ángeles Oliva and Toña Medina. La Casa Encendida. Fundación Caja Madrid, Madrid. (24 hours).



1999/03: Bachilor’s degree in Geography, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Average grades: Notable. Last course was carried out in English at the Roskilde Univeristy (Denmark), supported by Erasmus Grant.


2004/05: Pedagogical Aptitude Course (CAP). Specialty: Geography and History. Instituto de Ciencias de la Educación, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.


2004: Introduction to Astronomy (12 h.) Majadahonda town council, Majadahonda, Madrid.


2004: Designing Itineraries to Discover the City (27 h.). Coordinated by Argumentos para la Cultura. Casa Encendida. Caja Madrid.


2004: DINAMAP: Geographical Information System (116 h.).

Taught by TRAGASATEC. Grupo Tragsa, Madrid.


2004: Environmental Management Models (ISO-EMAS) (60 h.).                    

Taught by Cámara Comercio, Fundación Biodiversidad, Fondo Social Europeo.


2004: Environmental Impact Evaluation Studies (60 h.).                     

Taught by Cámara Comercio, Fundación Biodiversidad, Fondo Social Europeo.


2002: GIS: Geographical Information Systems; ARCVIEW (48 h. Theory and Practical)                         

Course taught in English at Roskilde Universitetscenter, Denmark.


2001/02 X Topographical Aparatus Course (30 h. Theory and Practical).

School of Geography and History: Universidad Complutense de Madrid.


2001: Introduction to Labor Risk Prevention

Course taught by the company Select, Recursos Humanos ETT, S.A., Madrid. 



2003: Investigation project: “Population Forecast and Marine Manipulation Project: A Study of how to enhance the fishery production through manipulation projects of marine ecosystems”, carried out at Roskilde University (RUC), Denmark.


2002:  Investigation project: “Usserod Stream Project: Phosphor, Wet Areas and Restoration”, carried out at Roskilde University (RUC), Denmark.


2001/02: Territorial Ordinance Project: Cuenca Alta del Manzanares. UAM, Madrid.


2000/01: Urbanism Project: Majadahonda. UAM, Madrid.


1999/00: Territorial Ordinance Project: Valle de Lozoya (Buitrago de Lozoya). UAM.



2008: First Prize at Monologue contest: MEMECES DEL SÁBADO NOCHE. La Noche de los Teatros. Madrid. (Available at


2008: Short Stories First Prize: "¿Su mejor decisión?" La Noche de los Libros. Madrid. (Available at


2010 - present

2010 - present

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Curriculum Vitae

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